Message from Toru Kurihara, President

A message of special appreciation for HEADWEAR

The Kurihara Corporation was founded in 1922 in Senba, Osaka, as a headwear wholesaler.
With the passing of time, trends and the styles in headwear have changed. The "Boater Hat in Kimono" style that was popular at the time our company started has given way to the many contemporary styles in fashion today.
What has steadfastly remained unchanged, however, is our company's philosophy. From the very outset, we have pledged to offer stylish quality headwear that meets our customers' needs. We have maintained this philosophy from the Taisho era, through the Showa, and until the present Heisei period.

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Happy Hat Company

Enrich your lifestyle with our prestigious headwear. It is indeed our pleasure to offer our premium line for your selection. You may not always feel the need for headwear, but should the occasion arise, you can make no better choice than to take your pick from our exciting range.

At the Kurihara Corporation, we remain fully committed to satisfying the needs of our customers.

Toru Kurihara
Kurihara Corporation

About Us

Corporate Name

Kurihara Corporation

Head Office

2-7-6, Utsubo-Honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0004 Japan
TEL:06-6444-2361 FAX:06-6444-0026
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Tokyo Branch

2-16-10, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0011 Japan
TEL:03-3499-3330 FAX:03-3499-3331
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Merchandise Center

2-1-36, Miyajima, Ibaraki, Osaka, 567-0853 Japan
TEL:072-635-9200 FAX:072-635-9276
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Date of Founding

July 10th, 1922

Date of Establishment

July 13th, 1951

Executives and
Number of Employees

Yutaka Kurihara
Toru Kurihara
Tsukasa Komiya
Toshihiro Nakajima
Yoshihiro Hanaoka
Number of Employees

Chairman and CEO
Senior Managing Director
Executive Director
Executive Director
85 (as of September, 2017)

Account Closing Month


Our Banks

Senba Branch of Mizuho Bank, Shinanobashi Branch of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank,
Osaka Branch of Shoko Chukin Bank, West Osaka Branch of Senshu Ikeda Bank

Our Clients

Nationwide retailers, major department stores and GMS, prominent multi brand boutiques,
major sport brands and apparel brands

Our Own Retail Stores

Around 54 stores throughout Japan

Cooperating Factories

Around 80 factories in Japan, the US, China, South Korea, Vietnam, the UK, Taiwan,
Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

Affiliated Company

KRS, Inc.
Head Office:
2-7-6, Utsubo-Honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0004 Japan
TEL:06-6444-1263 FAX:06-6444-0026

Tokyo Office:
7F, 2-16-10, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0011 Japan
TEL:03-5766-3797 FAX:03-5766-3799
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Business Lineup

Operation of outlet stores, opening of new stores,
branding, PR

Account Closing Month



Toru Kurihara President

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Our History

July, 1922

The Kurihara Shoten was founded as a partnership of headwear wholesalers with Katsujiro Kurihara as President.

July, 1947

The Kurihara Shoten was reopened after WWII at 4 Cho-me, Minami Kyutaro-cho, Higashi-ku, Osaka.

July, 1951

The Kurihara Boshi Corporation was established with Hiroshi Kurihara as President.

January, 1971

The Tokyo branch was opened in the TOC building at Gotanda, Tokyo.

June, 1976

Kurihara started the SPA business. "chapeau de milsa" was opened at Aoyama Bell Commons.

April, 1983

Head office was moved to 2 Cho-me, Utsubo-Honmachi, Osaka.

September, 1991

Yutaka Kurihara was appointed President and Hiroshi Kurihara Chairman and CEO.

January, 1999

The Tokyo branch was relocated to 2 Cho-me, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

November, 1999

The first “override” store was opened on Cat street in Harajuku.

December, 2003

Yutaka Kurihara was appointed Chairman and CEO and Toru Kurihara President.

August, 2004

The first “arth” store was opened in Costa Mesa, CA, USA.

March, 2006

The new business category “Arth” was launched.

September, 2006

The first “kaorinomori” store was opened at Laforet Harajuku.

August, 2008

The new business category “HatHomes” was launched.

April, 2015

The new business category “Chapeau d’O” was launched.

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Brand List

Our Retail Store Brands







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