Wholesale Business

We are constantly focused on creating products
that will please our customers

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Ever since the start of our company in 1922, more than 90 years ago, our core business has been the wholesale business. We currently deal with approximately 400 clients, including department stores, GMS, and speciality stores throughout the country, through a range of exhibitions, such as our bi-annual Grand Exhibition, Import Brand Exhibitions, and individual business meetings with clients, always responding to the latest trends.
At our weekly Marketing meetings, we share the latest information on market trends provided by our Press Room, retail stores, and Wholesale Division, in order to enhance our sales tactics so that we could increase our sales and our offering to customers.

The wonderful teamwork amongst our unique Designers, experienced Sales Representatives, reliable cooperating Factories, and the Merchandise Center, which operates a preeminent delivery system, allows us to supply Kurihara products to our customers in a satisfactory manner.

Outsourcing Services

What we have been doing since before the term "OEM" existed

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We began our outsourcing services with the manufacture of products for major overseas sports brands as "special orders" in the days before the birth of the term "OEM" (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
As times changed, with a rise in OEM business for such apparel producers/dealers, and to meet our customers' needs, we organized in 1986 a team specialized in OEM business.
Following numerous meetings with our customers and suppliers, we have developed many unique products using highly functional materials, as well as many co-branded products.

We currently deal with around 140 clients, including major sports clothing manufacturers, apparel manufacturers, and prominent upscale retailers.
With a core of expert designers specializing in OEM business, a special OEM team of headwear professionals is constantly aiming to offer new and exciting headwear to our customers.

SPA Business

Our strong desire: to elevate the HEADWEAR business
to the status of a "major" business

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In 1976, with the opening of the specialty headwear store "cheapeau de milsa" in Aoyama, Tokyo, handling mainly imported items, we broke fresh ground in the retail business. Since the opening of "override" on Cat Street, Harajuku, in 1999, we have extended our retail business to cover seven categories, currently operating approximately 50 stores throughout the country.

At the same time, to ensure that our retail stores continue to satisfy our customers as prestigious specialty headwear stores, we provide our staff with a training program by which they acquire knowledge of our Merchandise Center and cooperating Factories, as well as sales techniques, knowledge of the products we handle, customer service enhancement, etc. To develop products that please our customers and incorporate their demands, we hold OTC (over the counter) study sessions at our retail stores for our designers and shop staff several times a year.
Furthermore, we are determined to utilize our stores increasingly as "antenna shops" to pick up on the authentic voices of our customers.

Merchandise Center

Functions of the Merchandise Center

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